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We provide afordable software solutions for all kind of educational institutions , schools, colleges, universities and training institutes.


Our solutions for education industry includes:


(1) Computer Based Test Software(CBT).

(2) Optical Character Recognition based data processing softwares for online evalution of tests reducing the time invloved in generating results. Our solutions are not only limited to evalution of OCR based answer sheets but also storing and processing the results in databases.

(3) Online Taining solutions to educational institutes for distance learning.

(4) eLearning solutions for education industry for remote training. Using our eLearning solutions people can be trained at different geographical locations.

(5) Remote online test monitoring softwares for remote monitoring of tests conducted at different geographical locations across the globe.

(6)Providing administration softwares and web sites to educational institutes.

Our goal is to make learning completely digital by automating most of the processes involved in learning.


Process: Research >>> Reduce Operational Cost >>> Reduce turnaround time >> Growth in sales >> Growth in net profit >> Extending your services across the globe.



For queries related to Educational Software solutions and sales contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it